Parents' Association

A group of parents meet in school regularly with the principal, to discuss issues of mutual benefit to the student body. This form of communication, keeps the momentum of Grosvenor school going, This school year has seen many collaborative events including

  • Coffee morning for new parents
  • Newsletter
  • Choosing a school uniform for Grosvenor school
  • Evening for all stakeholders to discuss 'Adult Service' provision..
  • Christmas Carol Singing
  • Christmas Decoration of the school
  • Christmas Disco (with Santa)
  • Fun Cycle Fundraiser ,
  • Garden Project
  • Support for the School Debs for Leavers
  • Swim a Mile fundraiser.
  • Mini Marathon
  • Fun Day
  • Contribution to the Graduation ceremony
  • Bucket Collections

It would be remiss , not to mention the many individual parents who , along with friends and family, have supported the work of Grosvenor School.

Many thanks to all concerned.


The parents association can be contacted via their email address:

The current Parents Association consists of the following parents:

Marc Evers-Treasurer

Irene Zolfo- Secretary

Varadharajan Ramamoorthy- Chair

Sarah Graham- Member of committee

Sinead Fallon- Member of committee


1) Grosvenor School’s uniform is a navy tracksuit with the St. Michael’s House crest. Uniforms can be purchased at Schoolwear House. See link below. 

2) Application Form

3) Referral Form

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